Automated xdelta patching

This guide will let you patch xdelta files automatically by double-clicking them

Default Program Editor

Move the xdelta binary somewhere where you don’t mind it sticking it around, like your programs folder. Next, right click any .xdelta file and hit “Open with”. Browse to wherever your xdelta executable is and select it. If a command prompt window pops up, ignore it and close it.

Run Default Program Editor. Go to File Type Settings -> Context Menu, and then search for “.xdelta”. Open that up and edit the settings. Change the command name to whatever you want. For the program path, put “[yourpathtoxdelta.exe]” -d “%1”

For example, mine looks like this:
“C:\Tools\xdelta3.exe” -d “%1”

Note that the exe in the path needs to match whatever your executable is named. In this case, I renamed mine to xdelta3.exe, so that’s what it is for my path.

Finally, change the icon to whatever you want. You don’t have to, but it looks shitty otherwise.

If you did all that correctly, xdeltas should patch them self when you double click on them, assuming you have them in the same directory as their target.

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