Timing Tests

With the exception of the Another test, you will need to download the respective episodes for each test. The torrents are most likely dead, so you’ll need to get them via XDCC or here. If you’re having trouble acquiring a release, bug someone.

For all tests, only submit the .ass file in the following format:

[nick] – [show/test].ass (ex. skiddiks – Another Fucking Timing Test.ass)

If the test asks you to make chapters, put them in a .zip file with the .ass

Please upload the file(s) to a host without captchas or timers. Dropbox, pomf.se, etc. are all good choices.

Another Timing Test
Black Bullet 09 Timing Test – Example of a script that needs to have lines joined/split
Aldnoah.Zero 09 Timing Test – Example of a script that has severe split/joining issues (and it gives me an excuse to watch chicks strangle each other in the shower)
Un-Go 05 Timing Test – Example of a script with many overlaps/signs
Tasogare 01 Timing Test – Example of a script that’s a fucking mess
Free Timing*
Final Timing Test

*No, you are not timing Free… unless you want to. Free timing is just grabbing any HS release and retiming it. Once you do a few free timing tests, you’ll be given the final exam.

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