Timing Final Exam

Congrats, you’re almost finished. This is a comprehensive final exam in which will you’ll need to do pretty much everything you’ve learned so far, as well as perform the other duties you’ll have as a timer. The test will be for Yowamushi Pedal 10. You will need to time with cadence.

This time around, you’ll be timing a CR script to one of our releases. Our releases usually have good splits/joins. CR’s are terrible. You’ll need to split/join lines with your best judgment. Here’s a list of other things you’ll need to do:

  • Nuke all unnecessary styles and import the correct ones. The styles you need to use are in songs.ass.
  • Create a style called signs (it doesn’t matter what it looks like). Set all signs to this style, comment them out, then cut and paste them to the top of the script.
  • Shift the OP and ED
  • Since this is unedited, you’ll need to add italics {\i1} to all internal dialogue lines
  • When you are finished, sort the dialogue by time and raise the dialogue layer to 9 or higher
  • Create a chapter file

Final Timing Test

Good luck and ganbatte.

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