Silent Voice Dropped

I mean, what’s the point now that nyaa is dead? Even it wasn’t, everyone would’ve just downloaded some low-effort speed release by some idiot who “totally” “knows” how to “translate” “japanese”.

8 thoughts on “Silent Voice Dropped

    • Kuwagata: It’s Kaminashi Nozomi from Keijo
      Also, yeah some people definitely would downloaded a low effort speed release, no way you are going to stop that… especially if they already had a decent set “official” subtitles to go off of…
      nyaa clones are in the works like but admittedly you are less likely to get as many downloads as if everyone had all agreed to using one site. It’s still always important to have archival versions/stuff for BBT.
      that’s up to you guys though ┐(´ー`)┌

  1. The hell’ you talking about?

    So aside from all the random alternative we currently uses, there ARE some nyaa alternative that are WIP atm (tend to be down or overload till they change servers and update it)

    Pantsu have all the database of dead nyaa, patsu sukebi have still undatated and have database of 2016 till they will get update database from someone (hopefully from here?)

    I have no idea about the other two database but they seem to have them, my uploads are there as well :P

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