How to Setup IRC Push Notifications and Never Sleep Again

What this guide does: Enables you to receive IRC highlights as push notifications to your phone. This is useful if you’re away from your computer often and you don’t want to be constantly running IRC on your phone.

Push Module

There are other push notification clients, but I prefer Pushover since it has the nicest UI and was fairly easy to set up. The only downside is that you need to buy it. I personally got away with sideloading it, but I know a few people that it didn’t work for, so ymmv.

Setting Up Pushover:
Make an account on Pushover’s website. Add your mobile device to your account then set up an application for highlights. Should look something like this (Note: I added an icon for mine):

That’s all you need for now.

Setup Push Module:
Load the module with
/msg *status loadmod push

Next, assign pushover as your client
/msg *push set service pushover

You’ll need to set your device info now. To do so, you need to send it your Pushover User Key and application API. Your user key should be displayed on your pushover home page. If you view your application, you should see its API key. Once you got those, set them in push.
/msg *push set username userkey
/msg *push set secret applicationAPI

Test to see if you did shit correct by doing
/msg *push send test

You should receive a notification on your phone if you did everything correctly.

Some of Push’s default settings are kind of lame, so we’ll change them. Feel free to check the documentation if you want to know what they do.
/msg *push set last_notification 0
/msg *push set last_active 0
/msg *push set idle 0
/msg *push set replied no
/msg *push set message_length 0

That should essentially send you a notification whenever you get highlighted.

Finaly, set your highlights. You can do them all in one line. Check the documentation for more advanced options.
/msg *push set highlight nig* *ger *niggers*

Okay, you should now receive notifications whenever you get highlighted. This can become quite annoying, however, especially if you’re active online. To circumvent notifications while you’re online, you can set push to only send notifications while you’re away.
/msg *push set away_only yes

Of course, setting away manually is a pain. Fortunately, ZNC has a built in module to automatically do it for you.
/msg *status loadmod simple_away
/msg *simple_away disabletimer

You will now only receive notifications while you’re actually disconnected from IRC. If you leave IRC on 24/7, you can always manually set away. Alternatively, you can change your idle time to something reasonable and receive messages that way.

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