New Game! Chapter 02: Weird Co-workers

So we scanlated this. You can find it on Nyaa, or get it from our packlist.

Or you can just read it at Batoto.

Anyway, we were gonna release chapter 01, but someone beat us to it, so we started with 02 instead. We’ll include the first chapter in the volume batch or whatever.

Oh yeah, we’re now recruiting scanlators or something. Torn can’t do everything on his own! If you’d like to apply, bug us on irc or the comments.

Finally, this shit is starting to cost us (TL Note: Torn) a lot of money. Might as well beg for shekels while we’re at it.

4 thoughts on “New Game! Chapter 02: Weird Co-workers

  1. Ooh, I saw this all over Twitter, apparently it’s all the rage in Japan.

    The scanlation drama is 10 times worse than the fansubbing, so, good luck in this new world (・‿・)

  2. Um, hello! I want to be of help to those of you who let us read manga, but how can I do that? I saw that you were looking for people to clean manga etc., if it’s something that can be learned I can try to learn and help you people! Cheers! :3

    • Sorry, we’re struggling with enough intorns of our own to teach any more. If you’re looking to learn, I’m sure plenty of the bigger groups would be more than willing to teach. Thanks for the response though.

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