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Welcome to bootcamp. You should probably read all of these guides. Otherwise, you’re going to look dumb and get laughed at.

All Interns:
Aegisub – This should be obvious
Unanimated’s Guide to Fansubbing – An assortment of many useful guides
Disable Force bt.601 in Aegisub – Things will be fucked if you don’t do this

Timing Interns:
How to generate keyframes – If you don’t do this, you’re wasting your time since you’re guaranteed to fail whatever you’re doing. I personally recommend the second method since it’s faster.
Step-by-Step Timing Guide – Reinforcement of what you learned in unanimated’s guide mentioned above. Use it as a reference when you first start timing.
How to make logical joins/splits/linebreaks
Other Timing Shit
Youtube Timing Demonstration – See how bad skiddiks is at timing, and then wonder why he’s in charge of teaching you
Timing Tests

Typesetting Interns
Unanimated’s Typesetting Guide
Typesetting Tests

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