Help me buy a chair!

Hello everyone. There comes a time in a person’s life when they are in desperate need of a new chair. It has become nearly impossible to fansub for longer than an hour or two without my back hurting from the lack of proper lumbar support in my current chair. So, I turn now to you, our generous supporters, in my time of need to help raise money so that I may purchase a new chair. With this new chair, I will be able to finish and release the remainder of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Please back the fundraiser.
Thank you and have a good day. :)

Edit: Apparently after making a donation you have to verify it before it goes through. I implore you to please not ignore any emails from indiegogo until they have verified that the donation is complete. Thanks once again.

5 thoughts on “Help me buy a chair!

  1. post a receipt/pics when you get your chair or you’re a faggot

    (also have fun, nothing’s worse than shitty chair)

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