Daitoshokan 11 & 12

11 | 12

Oh god, we actually finished a show for once. It took a while, but it finally got done. This project would have been long gone however, if it wasn’t for a certain member of the group…

We at scribbles are shocked and saddened to hear the news that our editor, timer, and typesetter, Dozo, has passed away. He was a crucial member of our team, and without him, Daitoshokan would have been dropped many episodes ago. He was very proactive and voluntarily took over the project when nobody else wanted to, and he went great lengths to make sure everything got done. Not only was he an outstanding member of scribbles, but many other groups as well. We will all mourn your loss. It was such a great experience to have you on board, Dozo.

Thank you. You’ll always be in our hearts.
Rest in peace, Dozo

On a less somber note, here is the list of everyone who worked on this show. If I’ve forgotten you, please let me know.
Staff Roll v1 v2 v3 v4 v5
TL: Funimation/Kuwagata
Editing: shirt, skiddiks, Dozo, Torn, Tyson
Timing: skiddiks, Dozo, torchlight, Torn
Typesetting: faggosaurus, Ephemere, Dozo, bentou
K-Timing (This is the most retarded thing ever): Fyurie
Encoding: duplex, torchlight
Typers: Puddi, Shirt, Torn, torchlight
QC: skiddiks, Dozo, Tyson, Kuwagata

Thanks for your patience with our release. We hope you enjoyed the show more than we did on working on it. Peace.